Center for Drilled Shaft Engineering
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The Center for Drilled Shaft Engineering (CDSE) is the definitive source for the latest in technical information for drilled shaft design and construction. The CDSE includes educational videos on the basics of drilled shaft construction, including equipment types and uses, drilling methodology, and installation procedures.  Additional educational videos present the most current design procedures using methods accepted in the geotechnical industry. A primary goal of the CDSE is to promote advancements in drilled shaft design for improved reliability, optimized constructability, and decreased project cost.

All of the material in the CDSE has been reviewed and approved by the Technical Advisory Council (see About Us), a group of internationally recognized leaders in the geotechnical engineering and foundation construction industries.  This Council serves to maintain technical objectivity and professional prudence so that the CDSE does not serve any commercial interests that are not supported by accepted engineering practice.

The CDSE also serves as a clearinghouse for current and past research publications.  Relevant papers are included on the Publications page and are organized by topic, in order to provide design and construction professionals quick access to accepted technical answers. 

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